Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Place Cards

These Thanksgiving place cards make an excellent Seasonal art project and a great keepsake for dinner guests.

What you'll need (for 8 table settings):

4 sheets construction paper (81/2 x 11 or close...just not too large)
dinner guest list

To begin, fold one piece of construction paper in half, top to bottom (portrait).

Open paper, and using scissors, cut at middle seam. Repeat with all pieces of paper. (If you have a heavy-duty paper cutter, you can do them all at once.)

With the pencil, draw the outline of a Pilgrim on a piece of construction paper (paper should be in the portrait position). Repeat with Pilgrim and feather head bands outlines on each piece of construction paper.

Using a black marker, trace over pencil drawings.

Color in drawings with markers.

Once complete, hold one of the pieces of construction paper in front of you (portrait) and fold in half. Open it up.

Using your guest list, write one guest's name on each card (anywhere in the bottom half) with a marker. If you're nervous, you can use the pencil to write name, check spelling, and trace with marker.

If you'd like to embellish with any other decorative designs, now is the time. : )

Using scissors, carefully cut around the top portion of your drawing...being mindful of staying above the fold line. Repeat with each drawing.

Fold cards once again with top portion of drawing "popping up," and you're ready to set the table!!


(This project can be modified for any Holiday, using a simple stencil...a Christmas tree ornament, a dradle, a cross, etc.)

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