Friday, November 6, 2009

The Lost Boys

Staged Readings is a unique way to experience your most beloved of movies. Actors, musicians and lighting crew work in an almost-improv setting. The non-union acting company has put on monthly performances for the past 18 months and every performance has sold out (admission to the performances requires only a small donation). Producing Director, Beth Spencer's, troupe historically has selected only the most delightful of cult, or at least cultish, films. Past performances include such treats as The Wrath of Khan, This is NOT Spinal Tap and The Royal Tennenbaums.

When asked about the preparation involved prior to the latest offering from Staged Readings The Lost Boys, Vi Tran ("Laddie"), explained, "the director picks out a movie and selects the actors. The company gets together for an informal screening of the film. We have one rehearsal the night before the show, and then, we're on."

Music Director, Cody Wyoming, added, "this structure keeps it fresh; it keeps it true to the way we started - just a bunch of friends with no lives getting together to do what we love the most."

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Photo Credit: Paul Andrews

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