Friday, October 23, 2009

The day the music died...

Anne Winter came into my life in 1987 when my first love and I were in search of some decent sounds. Good music was not easy to come by in the 80s in Kansas City, and Dirt Cheap had recently reopened as Recycled Sounds. Best to consult with the local guru, the girl who would grow into the soul of Kansas City. Annie had a way of giving a person exactly what they needed when they needed it. She did this with music, with food, with books, with her smile and with her laughter. Intuitively generous..that was Anne. Over the years and after many vinyl purchases and much enlightenment, Annie and I become friends. I am fortunate to say she participated in some of the most wonderful and most trying moments of my life. She was a warm smile and a fierce hug in-waiting. One of the most beautiful memories, albeit typical of her, was her encouragement during the birth of my child. Annie welcomed my son into this world with her soothing cheers, her loving touch, and in the giving of homemade bread. This was Anne. Annie WAS goodness and warmth and made people FEEL the joy and fun of life. I love her and miss her deeply.

Rest in peace, dear friend. 1964-2009

Click photo above to help support the family of Anne Winter.

Photo credit: is from Anne's f/b page and one of my most recent faves!! Pictured here with her children, Max and Eva.


  1. that's beautiful, Di.


  2. Very lovely, like our sweet Anne.
    Thank you so much!

    Rebecca Liberty

  3. Guess my longterm memory is off..Dirt Cheap reopened as Recycled in 1988.. : )


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