Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are you scared?

Those were not the last words, or screams, uttered by a hand-wringing teenage audience member at Coterie at Night's world premiere of Maul of the Dead, a spoofy tale of apocalypse and hilarity with blood spatter a-plenty. After an adrenaline-rushed entrance into the theatre, who could blame her for her anticipation?

"You're all alone. Will you be okay?" she inquired again.

Before a moment to consider what might lie ahead, the delighted crowd who sat seat-edged in absolute captivation was drawn into the Maul and not so sure of what was next. "Trapped" in JC Penny's with local survivors and zombies in this re-imagined nightmare, a full-blown, action-packed, rock-n-gore performance ensued. As Megan Turke's costume design left no doubt, it was the 70s, baby, and all hell was breaking lose.

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