Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Woody Allen? ...but of course.

"..and I wondered if a memory was something you have or something you've lost."

I just found out that my latest movie fascination, Another Woman (1988), was written and directed by Woody Allen. I should have guessed by the subject and its delivery, the familiar lighting, the typical narration, Mia's appearance, and of course, by the soundtrack.

Gena Rowlands is superb, and her supporting cast is quite dazzling: Ian Holm, the aforementioned Mia Farrow, Blythe Danner, and Gene Hackman round out this rich story of a 50+ philosophy professor, Marion Post (Gena Rowlands), who is spurred into self-analysis and self-awakening by the random chance of location.

If you haven't seen what must be one of Woody's more obscure films (??? I don't know; I thought I'd seen them all), you must give this one some of your time.

If you enjoy Woody Allen, you'll love Another Woman!

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