Saturday, April 25, 2009

Art Springs in Gladstone - Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Art Springs in Gladstone
TODAY from 10am - 8pm
Gladstone Community Center

The 2nd Annual Art Springs in Gladstone art show and sale did not disappoint and is still going on today!

Our family headed out to the show last night to check out some art and to support the Ryan Kruse Foundation for the Arts. We were happily surprised by the number of artists presenting and the great turn-out. The Gladstone Community Center is an interesting space and worked well for the set-up. Though, at times, the walk-ways melted into a sea of people; the atmosphere was a buzz of friendly conversations and "ooos" and "ahhhs." Artists set up booths along the entrance corridor and within a large meeting space off the corridor and offered a variety of themes, mediums, and price ranges - a little something for everyone.

The Northwinds Symphonic Band Flute Duet and Northland Symphonic String Duet provided a nice auditory backdrop for the occasion, and the Ryan Kruse Memorial Awards were presented to winnng artists last night. (I haven't heard who won - will post the winners once I do.)

Cole loved Ryan Kruse's pieces and is still talking about them today. This was one of his favorites.

"Guitarman" by Ryan Kruse

Chinese artist Lily Zhang Li Taylor is showing her stunning watercolors! Look for her to the right when entering the Center. Mrs. Taylor offers a tremendous selection of prints in all shapes and sizes - some framed, some matted. If you have a taste for Asian art, she is a must see.

"Two Koi" by Lily Zhang Li Taylor

As we walked into the adjacent room, I was instantly drawn to Mary Pat Corder's mixed media paintings of angels with complimenting poetry. Something about them reminded me of the Polish carved boxes that are big in my family (which always make me think of the stained-glass Cathedrals we attended when I was a kid).

When I asked Mrs. Corder if she was from the Hill (Strawberry Hill), the look of surprise on her face was obvious! Turns out she graduated from Ward High School a few years ahead of my mother. We laughed and hugged after we ran through the list of Croatian and Polish names that make up my family and a lot Mrs. Corder's buddies from the Hill. What a treat!

"Guardian of Old Dogs" by Mary Pat Corder

"Vincent's Dog" by Mary Pat Corder

Mary Pat also creates wood sculptures, salvaged glass art, and has a dog series I can't get enough of.

Ernie Kober's glasswork will blow your mind - no pun intended. His creations are full of fantasy and funk, and I want them all! Mr. Kober presents all manner of glass art: fun and funky rings that are super silky on skin, a large array of earrings, amazingly crafted mythical-looking sculptures, and glass pendants the likes of which I've never seen - talk about letting your imagination run wild. WAY too cool! If you're interested in his work, Mr. Kober can be reached at (816) 718-4787.

Sharon Posson's "Funky Foghorn" painting and prints were hilarious and wonderful. She can be reached at (816) 436-9503.

Get out of the house today and support your Community artists!


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