Monday, July 12, 2010

School is about to rev up again...

Somehow, Summer has flown by. I'd guess; this is simply a part of me getting older and the family getting busier. The kiddo and his neighborhood friends are all commisserating about the too quickly fleeting Summer break.

However, I'm looking forward to school starting back up. The neighborhood is quieter, and the family comes closer together again. The earlier dark hours are very condusive to family reading or art or science time, and the nonstop Holidays give good cause for feasts and family outings. Our Summer has been filled with learning experiences, but the Fall/Winter/Spring months bring about Seasonal delights that lend themselves to long-sleeved, button-down shirts, soggy journeys, and journals. ...and likely, more blogging.

For the past few days, I've been reviewing Cole's school supplies and doing inventories in my head. Some of his texts and supplies have sparked my interest already - The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia Of World History, the chemistry set (sweet!), setting up our art journals (Cathy Johnson has some great examples). The feeling in the house really does change when it's time to buckle down. We all get into it.

We've been a bit MIA of late...takes a lot of time and effort to launch an insurance agency, but we've done it. Thompson Insurance Agency is up and running. We serve KS and MO residents in personal and commercial insurance. If your agent isn't a friend or family member, check us out. We represent excellent carriers and products, and our office provides excellent customer service.

Otherwise, I'm still doing a little tutoring and copy-writing. Doug is working like crazy. We're hopeful; we'll be able to take a family trip in the Fall. Since most of our time since January has been in getting this family business off of the ground, we didn't take a ton of time off or go on our usual trip down to the Lake this Summer. All of us could use some time away from here...out hiking around somewhere beautiful.

Here are just a few pix from the Fourth of July. We had a GREAT time in our neighborhood. We could see the City's display at William Jewell, perfectly...turned out to be quite a surreal experience in a downpour. It was a great display! Cole and his bud blew up plenty of stuff during the day, and after the rain stopped at 2am, the neighbors were back at it....turns out so was Cole at his sleepover. Tenacious celebrators!

Knowing Summer is quickly winding down, we're kicking off our weekend this evening with hamburgers on the grill.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!!

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