Thursday, September 24, 2009

Terrifyingly electric

by Diane Thompson

In this thrilling amalgamation by Jeff Church presented by the Coterie Theatre, six Edgar Allan Poe pieces explode into dynamic and murderous life as one actor and one electric guitar-toting performer rock the theatre with passion and awesome talent.

Upon entering the darkly lit theatre from the mid-day hustle and bustle of Crown Center, the atmosphere noticeably changes. Grim and ambient metallic music fills the room. One can imagine the 200 years that have passed since Poe's birth as one's eyes adjust. The Burton-esque set designed by Rex Hobart is a masterful piece of art in itself, which was inspired by the 1953 animation of Tell-Tale Heart and which promises to set the stage for fright...

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Top Photo:The Coterie Theatre's Tell-Tale Electric Poe

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