Friday, June 12, 2009

Sweet Basil Herb Garden in Recycled Coffee Container

Cole and I picked up a sweet basil starter kit in the dollar aisle at Target a few weeks ago in an effort to bring a little more green into our home and try out some fresh herbs. Cole's been getting into cooking a bit, and basil just so happens to be one of his favorite flavors.

We followed the directions on the starter kit package, and we had to transplant our ever-growing herb babies today.

When looking for a planting pot, we went for recycled. As part of our household economic awareness campaign, I've switched from Starbucks to Folgers; it's a little cheaper, and the coffee is just fine. The super-cool thing about the switch is that Folgers now comes in recyclable plastic containers (red no less!!), which is what we decided to use for our basil babies.

Ingredients to Sweet Basil Fun - Total Cost Under $5!

Sweet basil starter kit from Target (or wherever) $1
Potting Soil $1
Folders Coffee Container - recycled
Plastic Tray $.89
Cork Coaster $1

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