Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Earth To Mars

This project came from the experience that we all have whilst looking at the stars during our childhood, when we suddenly realize the infinity of the universe and that we are but a tiny part of it.

Yesterday's blog feature was about the reality of space travel. But Vincent Fournier's "Space Project" series is inspired by science fiction -- by the classic, whimsical stories of Jules Verne, in particular. His photos appear to have been taken in a desolate, futuristic wasteland. In other words: it looks like Mars.

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In one sense, it's a photo documentary on some of the world's leading space research stations. Some photos were taken at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, where students and researchers actually wear space suits to simulate what it's like to be on Mars. Others were taken near observatories in the Atacama Desert in Chile, in the French Alps and on the summit of Hawaii's Mauna Kea.

But without that context, these photos appear otherworldly, which makes it science fiction, too. The fact that Utah can so closely resemble Mars means that there's still room for exploration in our own backyard. Fournier begs the viewer to be curious, to dream, to confound what's imaginary and what's real. Take a look at some of the images from Utah and Chile -- or maybe Mars -- here. But also be sure to check out the whole series.

"Space Project" will be showing at New York's Clic Gallery in early October. Photos courtesy Vincent Fournier, found on Multimedia Muse.

Also: Did you know Mars has a flag?

By Claire O'Neill

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